Monday, 5 March 2012

Progress on the crochet blanket.

I am still working away at my biggest crochet project .I have now done a quarter of it completed which I,m really pleased with! I am trying to approach it in a more organised way ,instead of just doing a few completed squares at a time I have done 11 middles in each of the 12 colours . Next I have done the second round in all the colours and so on . So when all three rows are done I will have 132 squares ready to add with the border of white . This will be more than another quarter of the blanket !! I am hedging my bets though as to whether I will make it to being 20x20 squares and I am going to join it so it grows as a square and I can finish it with some rows of granny square clusters if I want to ! Will have more photos soon when these have been added .
This is a very addictive project and I have had many a late night telling myself "I'll just do all the next colour"!! Must go and do some ceramic work in my workshop now bye for now xx