Monday, 3 May 2010

Hi, I have been doing a local Food and drink festival over the weekend and selling my work in the Craft tent .

I shared a stall with a lovely lady called Jenny who makes gorgeous work out of wood.
Here is a photo of our stall which we were very proud of!

Also, here is a finished project from the knitting club I run . This is their first knitted square

turned into a bag ,with the strap made from finger knitting . They are now making a teddy bear.

Next week I am going to be doing some smoke-firing of some clay hearts , so photos of this process to follow soon!
bye for now x

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I had to take a photo of all the lovely things I bought recently at a lovely shop in Cirencester called lexi Loves... It's like a sweet shop full of ribbons, jars of buttons, fabrics ,books ,as well as lovely gifts.
Also I had to buy yet another box to sort all my spotty buttons in which gave me much pleasure !
I also bought something called a yo-yo maker which makes suffolk puffs ,more on this later with some photos .
bye for now Kath

Monday, 29 March 2010

Easter goodies!

Hi , just thought I would show you what I have been making for easter. I have made far too many for my pre -easter fairs and have lots left so it looks like my home will be very over decorated!!!
I'm planning to decorate a wreath and a vase of twigs ,photos to follow soon....

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I have been making lots of knitted and crocheted cakes inspired by cakes in the lovely book One Skein by Leigh Radford. I have been using some rowan cotton dk and bamboo cotton which is great to use. They look great in groups and I gave one wrapped in cellophane with ribbon and a label instead of a birthday card to a friend.

I have altered the size of the pattern to make them smaller . Hope you like them as much as I do ! I have started making some into pin cushions and they might end up at my next craft fair .
Bye for now, I'm off to make another batch!x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Welcome to my blog ! Just wanted to share some of the things I spent my day making . I am a potter but also love crochet ,knitting and baking .I love finding out what other like minded people are getting up to so thought I would show and tell too!
My latest obsession is making cakes of the woolly kind ,which might stop me eating (and baking )the real kind.