Wednesday, 20 April 2011

kitchen makeover

We had a new kitchen about a year ago but some of the finishing touches needed doing and I had an idea what I wanted ,but was searching for certain things in thr local furniture charity shops .
One lucky day I found an antique pine dresser top ready to put on a worktop which saved my other half from building it from scratch ! Also I hankered after a country style kitchen plate rack by the sink and also found one of these . The dresser top was £30 and the plate rack was £25 bargain!! All they needed was a coat of paint and I'm very happy with the result .
Also my other half as built lovely panelling instead of tiles around the worktops and left a gap for me to make a tile splashback ,which will be revealed later !

This is the plate rack looking abit old and scruffy !
This is the finished result very lovely!
This is the shelf in situ before painting, with "lovely" orange antique pine . In my minds eye I imagined lots of storage jars in rows and a collection of some of my handmade pottery I have collected over the years .
Freshly painted !
Finished result so much better .
Now to the tiles ,here are some ready to be biscuit fired .

In my workshop after being fired ,all 40 of them!

After much re-arranging on the table ready to be stuck on and grouted .
The finished result ! Well worth all the effort .
Hope this little makeover gave you gave you some joy and some inspiration.
Will be back soon with some new bird designs to share ,very exciting (well they are to me anyway!) x