Thursday, 12 July 2012

Finished Crochet Blanket

 I have finally finished my blanket . I still have to sew in all the ends but that could take forever so didn't want to wait to post a photo ! There was actually some sunny weather so I took the chance to take these photos outside. Already planning my next blanket more about that soon xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Holiday craft project

I,ve had some lovely fabric squares I bought ages ago from a friend of mine Toni who makes beautiful textiles . I knew straight away what I was going to make, a curtain to hide the washing machine in my kitchen . That was a least a year ago ! My son had been doing textiles at school and wanted a go on the electric sewing machine to make something .So when it was all set up (the machine usually lives under the stairs ) I felt inspired to do some sewing myself . I,m really pleased with it, the colours are beautiful and make me smile everyday .

Also I found this Boden dress in a charity shop recently ,I was very lucky it had just come in . It's got all my favourite colours and it fits! Never usually wear dresses though ..!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Progress on the crochet blanket.

I am still working away at my biggest crochet project .I have now done a quarter of it completed which I,m really pleased with! I am trying to approach it in a more organised way ,instead of just doing a few completed squares at a time I have done 11 middles in each of the 12 colours . Next I have done the second round in all the colours and so on . So when all three rows are done I will have 132 squares ready to add with the border of white . This will be more than another quarter of the blanket !! I am hedging my bets though as to whether I will make it to being 20x20 squares and I am going to join it so it grows as a square and I can finish it with some rows of granny square clusters if I want to ! Will have more photos soon when these have been added .
This is a very addictive project and I have had many a late night telling myself "I'll just do all the next colour"!! Must go and do some ceramic work in my workshop now bye for now xx