Sunday, 11 September 2011

New Local Market

Last weekend my lovely friend( and I shared a stall at a new market which is going to be open on Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays with Farmers markets ,Local Produce,Arts and Crafts ,vintage and retro Stalls.
There was lots of lovely fruit and veg ,fresh fish , bread , hand made chocolate ,cupcakes, organic sausages etc on offer too . If you want to find out more go to
Two lovely ladies Julie and Kristina also known as Yarnit had a beautiful stall with their knitted handmade delights and vintage collectables . They also run a lovely knitting group which I don't go to often enough !

I also met a very talented Textile designer called Alice Megan England, who also sells at other local fairs. I love the simpicity and freshness of the designs and the bold colour palette . To find out more about her work go to

Well that's all for now .It's that time of year when christmas stock must be made so I will be very busy making in my studio in the next few weeks . Also I have joined http.//, an online selling marketplace which is very exciting . I have to take lots of high quality images for it before I can start selling . I will post a blog about it soon when it is ready to go live .
Bye for now xx