Sunday, 17 July 2011

Firstly here's a couple of photos of my kitchen window which is giving me lots of pleasure with the lovely colours ! I put one of my birds on sticks in the flowers and really pleased with the result .

Now for the process of the new designs . These bowls have been made in a slab mould and dried slightly . Then I have applied a layer of coloured slip ready for decorating .
This is the very best bit and why I love doing what I do ! I scratch through the layer of slip using various sharp tools to reveal the clay body underneath . You have to be in the right confident frame of mind to do this ,as you cannot rub out any mistakes and have to have a steady hand .
Then I add some slip-trailed spots of white slip to finish the design with a raised effect .I put some spots all the way around the edge too to define the edge . I almost love how it looks at this stage more than the finshed result.
They have now been through the first bisque firing and are ready to glaze. After glazing they go back in the kiln for the second time . You learn to be patient as a potter and have to wait another day and a half to see the work finished !
Opening the kiln is the exciting bit and seeing the final result all glossy and colourful .

Here are some other designs in the kiln too .
My completed new bird designs .Lovely all my favourite colours .
I am hoping to visit Art in Action at Waterperry Gardens in Oxford this weekend so may have some photos of some inspirational work to show next week .
Bye for now xx

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