Sunday, 5 June 2011

I have been very busy getting ready for an Open Studios Week .It has started this weekend and will be on until the 12th June . This is a studio I share with two lovely friends and it is a workshop/ gallery /Shop . I mostly sell from there as clay is a bit messy . It has been great to have a permanent space to display work . Also it is great to keep changing it around and we have got abit carried away with fairy lights etc in the past but "such fun"!!
So here are lots of photos of the studio ,hope you enjoy them!!
The lovely cards in this photo are made by Ali Corder and they are a range called "Random Ransoms" and they will be available soon on soon .

I have lots of craft fairs and events coming up soon ,and lots of outlets to supply too ,so I can see lots of late nights on the horizon in the coming weeks .I will take some photos of the making of my new bird dishes when I make my next batch soon .
Bye for now
Kath x

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